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Best Preschool Franchise in India

"Makes Your Children Bright Future Ahead" - Gurukul Preschool

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Gurukul Preschool Education - Makes Your Children Bright Future Ahead































Of all the learning methods, the best way has always remained to learn through experiences. Within school and beyond it, experiences keep teaching us lessons that we seldom forget. Any lesson that combines the sensory routes of perceptions with materialistic knowledge makes comprehension easier and learning better. 


Best Play School Franchise in India - Especially when it comes to young minds, the best way to teach is to let them practically experience. No matter how hard you try to make a child understand the principles of liquid, the best way to make the kid learn would be to leave him/her with some water for a while.


The brain and the other sensory organs of the body like the skin, the eyes, the ears, the nose, etc., work together and in harmony to render the receptor the best knowledge received through the senses. Children learn more easily what they see, listen, and feel than what they just hear. Therefore, modern learning techniques rely more on methodologies based on experiential learning. Here are some of the aspects that make learning through experience an augmented way of learning.


Easy grasping of the concepts


When a teacher explains a topic that the kids do not get to see or experience in regular life, the children might struggle at the initial stages to grasp the intricacies of the concept. But, when a concept is related to daily life, they can easily connect to their own experiences of that fundament and learn quickly. Experiences make it easier to bridge the gap between ‘what it is’ and ‘what it might be.’ Therefore, with experiences integrated with learning, level of comprehension and quality of education enhances substantially. 


Enables long-lasting learning


When children get to learn any lesson through experiences and practical exposure to the topic concerned, the information they acquire remains imprinted for longer on their minds. On the other hand, teaching without even a bit of experiences attached to it often results in short term learning, and the kids tend to forget such concepts in almost no time.


We, at Gurukul Preschool, one of the most renowned names in the domain of preschool education and one among the top 5 preschool franchise in India, have always firmly believed in the power of experiential learning. We ensure that each of our pupils gets to learn everything by heart and not just superficially. Therefore, we regularly arrange for ample interactive sessions, out of the class lessons, clubs, excursions, and much more. Our aim at Gurukul Preschool is to keep the children aligned with nature and its experiences, which we believe form the primary and the most sustainable means of education for all of us. 

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